Friday, December 27, 2013

Makenna Tough

We tried to put it off but Makenna persisted. She has been asking to have her ears pierced for six months. 

I delayed it for a few months by telling her it involved someone using a gun and stabbing you in the ear. I delayed it a few more weeks by telling her it was just like tagging a baby calf's ear. Austin delayed it by pretending he was deaf and couldn't hear a word she said. 

Our policy has been to let the girls get their ears pierced when they were old enough to ask like a big kid and understood what it is about. We couldn't really argue that she hadn't fulfilled her end of the deal. 

So, this morning, the kids and I went to town to get Makenna's ears pierced. Degnan and Josie got to come along. I thought witnessing the horror and seeing their sister cry might deter any future requests from them. 

I knew Makenna was excited but I didn't realize just how excited she was. She ran right into our friend, Justina's, salon and hugged her. I was expecting a little hesitation.  She asked Justina what she needed to do to take care of her ears after they were pierced. She took a look at the gun. She picked out her earrings and had a seat. 

Justina and I had talked about how difficult the second ear would be to pierce since Makenna knew the pain from the first and would be crying. Color us stupid. She merely said "Ow, that hurts."  No tears. 

Okay, I figured she was putting on her best show. She couldn't possibly hold the tears in the whole time. The second ear didn't go as smoothly. The earring didn't go all the way through. That meant we had to fish her ear out of the gun and try again. Still, not a tear. Second stab at the second ear was a success. Surely, the burning pain would bring on the tears. Nope. She gave Justina a big smile and a hug. 

 Degnan looked at her with admiration and said "Wow!  Makenna, you are tough!"  She just beamed as brightly as her red ears and new diamond earrings. 

Degnan paid her the ultimate compliment when he said, "Makenna you are the second toughest person I know. Buddy is the first."

Here's hoping Austin doesn't cry when he sees her. That's going to be a tough one to explain. 

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  1. What a nice story. And what a lovely enthusiast girl. I love her smile so much! The tiny bling in the middle of her earlobes really really suits her.