Friday, September 14, 2012

The Juice Hole

This post will be a dialogue. I am not 100% certain of my punctuation on dialogue.  Bad punctuation drives me crazy but I don’t have time to track down my old English teacher.  The scene is our truck.  I have just picked up Degnan and Makenna from school.

RLW:  How was your day?

Degnan:  Good.  Abby had something go down the wong pipe and she choked some.  It was a Teddy Gwaham. 

RLW:  Oh no, is she okay?

Degnan;  Yea, it just went down the wong hole.  You know, like the juice hole.

RLW:  The juice hole?

Degnan:  Yeah, the juice hole.  The Teddy Gwaham went down her juice hole instead of the one youah food goes down.  It’s weally bad when that happens.  Makes youah eyes watah because it doesn’t go wheah food is supposed to go. 

There you have it, anatomy by Degnan.


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