Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Flashbacks and Flashforwards

Today, Degnan opened the gate while we were checking cows. It's the first time he has opened a wire gate all by himself. 

While I watched this to see if it would happen, all of this flashed through my mind. 

Then, I flashed forward to the time he will do this. 
Only he will be much bigger and gone much longer. 

Obviously, I am ecstatic he can open gates for me. I just don't know if I can handle much more growing up today. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Mexican Souvenir Fail

Before Austin and I left for Cancun, we asked the kids what they wanted us to bring back for them. Makenna and Degnan immediately requested "Mexican blankets". Mexican blankets are the super soft blankets that have pictures on them. Josie's request was "a singing Elsa doll since Santa didn't bring it."  Way to go, Santa. 

The Mexican blankets are going to have to be purchased by Austin when he goes to work at the packing plant. I guess they aren't Cancun, Mexico material. We couldn't find them anywhere. 

Thanks to the flight delay due to weather, we were able to score Josie's request at a Target in Kansas. Upon presenting it to Josie, she immediately thanked us for her "Mexican Elsa". I told her we didn't actually get it in Mexico. She said she didn't care. She then switched it to Spanish speaking mode and happily trotted off. We are on day two of "Let It Go" in Spanish. Never has a movie been covered more completely than "Frozen" by Josie. 

Next time, they are getting shot glasses. 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas in the Country ~ Part 1

It was a very busy Christmas in the Country. So busy, I will share it in two parts. 

The girls made their lists and checked them twice. Okay, they made and checked them about twenty times. It's a good thing I have Santa's phone number to report all the changes. All of the kids asked for a go kart and an iPad. Their parents said "No!" on the iPad. 

* Degnan opted out of sitting on Santa's lap. He wrote a letter. 

Chaney asked for peace and quiet. I don't think she is impressed with the teething toys and Glow Worm she received. Santa can deliver toys, not miracles. 

We painted Christmas trees. Yes, they are topless. Did you miss the part where I mentioned paint?

We decorated a gingerbread sleigh and reindeer. 

It was a total disaster when it came time to assemble it. 

So, we called it on account of frustration and ate it. 

Makenna especially enjoyed the bags of frosting. 

We had special visitors this year. Austin's sister and her family came to visit all the way from California. 

The creepies had a great time showing their cousins how to ride horses. 

Chaney and Aunt Sara used each other for warmth. It was cold in Kansas if you are used to California climate. 

Fourteen people in one house makes for crowded living rooms. Crowded and FUN!

A little chill in the air didn't stop us from checking cows and getting a little muddy. 

It was a great weekend full of family, playing and a little napping, for some. 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Four No More

This is the last picture of Josie as a four year old. 

Today, she wakes up a five year old. I am sad to see this year go. In true Josie fashion, she has packed as much into the year as possible. 

She branched out in fashion. Some outfits were a hit. 

Some were a bit of a miss. 

Some were too funny for words. 

Some were right only for her. 

Some, well there are no words other than "She rocked it like no one else."

Whatever she did, she did it big. 

She went until she could go no more. 

She graduated from the feed truck. 

To the back of the feed truck. 

To the back of the horse, moving cattle. 

She rodeoed. 

She made good friends. 

She kept her old friends. 

She loved her family. 

She practiced and practiced being a good mom to Fat Baby. 

Practice made for a pretty darn good big sister to Chaney. 

As sad as I am to see her turn five, I am excited to see what five will bring. 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Josie ~ Frozen at 5

In four short days, Josie turns five. I am not ready. Five is when the baby leaves our kids. They become little people. I have asked her not to turn five. "Mommy, I have to. God made it that way."  Fine, I will begrudgingly go along with His plan. 

Today, we celebrated her birthday with a Frozen party and ice skating. Not going to lie, it's hard to do birthdays when Christmas is this close. Thankfully, my mom came up with a great idea. Ice skating. Genius. 

Six grown ups and eleven little people hit the ice. 

Some genius skater person came up with the idea of buckets for balance. 

Such a slick idea for a slick sport. 

Makenna didn't need the bucket for too long. 

She caught on pretty quickly. 

So did Degnan. He did have one major crash. As I type, he is soaking his aching back and booty in the tub. 

What about the birthday girl?  She may not have let go of the bucket to skate up a storm but she did have a great time. 

She even held her uncoordinated mother up. A skater, I will never be. 

Guess who is a skater.  Austin. Who woulda thought?  He didn't fall once. He was all over the place. 

The birthday girl even scored some pretty awesome swag. 

She also scored some pretty fun friends. 

In keeping with the Frozen theme, we had ice cream cake. 

I get that she has to turn five. But, I have four more days and I am going to suck all the four year old I can get out of it.