Monday, November 24, 2014

Their Voice

I am not going to lie. It's a little scary raising girls. It seems like there are so many wrong paths. And while I feel like we aren't headed down the most righteous of paths (I doubt we are raising any nuns), I don't feel we are headed down the worst of paths (no one is asking for a stripper pole from Santa).  One thing I do feel with 100% certainty is that Makenna and Josie do not lack a unique voice. 

Yes, I know we have one more girl. I didn't forget about her. I am just waiting to see what her voice looks like. 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Chaney - The Newest Creepy Country Kid

It's been three and a half months since we welcomed Chaney into the realm of creepy country kid. What have those months looked like for her?

Lots and lots of attention from the sisters. 

Like a lot of attention. More than she probably wanted.  

Her brother wasn't neglecting her either. Ignore the Josie photobomb. 

A battle between her and I on thumb sucking. 

Lots of facial expression exercise. 

More attention from Degnan and a pacifier win for me. 

Facial expression exercise continued. 

Trying out new fashion trends such as shorts and boots. 

Checking out the local bar and grill with her godfather. 

Riding her pony. 

Spending some time with Grandpa. 

Napping with Josie. 

Photo mugging with her look alike, Makenna. 

Resting on the feed sacks while everyone else runs cows through for preg checking. 

Crapping through almost every outfit she owns to test my packing skills. I failed this day. She wore my scarf to the pumpkin patch. 

Laughing at the ridiculous things she can get me to do so she will laugh. 

Making her comeback as Fat Elvis for Halloween. 

Shopping with Grammy. 

Trying to win the Thumb vs Pacifier battle. She isn't giving in. 

Showing her sister who is boss. 

I think it's safe to say, Chaney is going to make a great creepy country kid. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Super Sized Family ~ Mini Vacation

Now, that it is November, I should start catching up on the summer. Man, I am on top of things. 

After Chaney was born, Austin and I decided we should get extra crazier and take the kids on a mini vacation. To say that our vacation standards are miserably low would be an exaggeration. We barely mentioned the word "hotel" and the creepy country kids were 100% satisfied. Austin and I decided it wouldn't be a warm fuzzy memory down the road if we just ran the kids to town to the local Dalton's Bedpost. Even the CCK need to get out of town every once in awhile. We took it one step farther than leaving town. We left the state!  We went all the way to Oklahoma. World travelers, we are. 

We took the kids to a Chuckee Cheese knock off arcade and pizza joint. It was too much for Degnan. Makenna experienced rude line cutting girls. Josie wasn't big enough to drive the go karts. I was repulsed by the whole scenario. Thank goodness we got that out of everyone's system. 

We were much happier leaving that place. 

We had a great time at the zoo. Well, most of us did. Ignore Joisie's mug shot pose. 

It was a hot son of a gun. Makenna took the first opportunity she saw to cool off. 

Even the Oulaw Josie joined in. 

This was before the real sweat kicked in. Oklahoma City Zoo is a tad bit humid. Be glad these pictures aren't scratch and sniff. 

On our way to visit some friends, Degnan spotted this barn. He begged and begged to go. Yep, we took the CCK to the city and he just wants to go to a barn. I am guessing he won't live in New York. 

We do love horses. 

There was a lot of horse to love here. 

We were all impressed with this mare's foretop. Makenna said she needed her bangs cut. 

In case you wondered how big a Clydesdale's head is; it is one and a half newborn Chaneys long. 

The trip started to wear on us all on the way back. I am a cool/nerdy enough mom to improvise some entertainment. Please, like you've never given yourself a nose ring with a pretzel. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Why Don't You Blog?

I have been asked by a few people to return to blogging. I would love to. However, after days like today, I can't find the time or sanity. 

While doing chores this morning, I saw a big coyote trot across the wheat by our house. I "ran" to the house for a gun. Back door locked. It's never locked. Carefully pick my way around the house on the ice. Cartoon flounder twice so as not to fall. Get to gun safe. No key. Give up on killing coyote. Realize I haven't seen Banjo, the dog. 

Search for dog. Find him in tree row. He is bleeding and obviously a aick dog. Can't get him loaded.  Yes, I said it was a sick dog. I can load horses. I can load cattle. I could not load the dog. In my defense, he is a Great Pyrenees. He just flopped down and refused to move. I would get his front end up only to have the back end drop. Back end up and front end down. You get the picture. Thankfully, the area vet clinic had a vet coming our way. He could come by after preg checking some cows. I was happy to wait for him. The vet got Banjo feeling a bit better. I headed to town for work. I have amazing employees who are happy to cover for me when I call with this kind of problem. 

Chaney and I are loaded and halfway to town when I hear "meow" from the back of the vehicle. Alice, the cat, had snuck in. Ugh. No time to run her home. She hung out in the store with us right up to the point she tried to nap on Chaney and left a nasty mess in the store. I let her out. She didn't come back. This is, of course, the favorite creepy country kid cat. 

Chaney screamed the whole way home. Got home. Went to bathroom. Toilet paper was wet. Wet toilet paper?!?  Really?!?!?

If you need me, I will be in a closet with a bottle of wine. 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Role Model Apple Tree

It's an obvious that your mother and her mother are supposed to be positive role models in the lives of your children. Obvious right up to the point, your grandmother does this

Which leads to your mother encouraging your child to do this

Which leads to the horse making it necessary for your child to bring in the shop vac and do this

Which leads to you scrubbing horse apple stains out of your carpet. Those positive role models don't fall far from the apple tree. Horse apple tree that is. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Makenna came home from school and asked why 9/11 was special. That's a hard one to explain to a six year old and her seven year old brother and four year old sister. 

First of all, the use of "special" threw me off. "Special day" is usually a term for good events. 9/11 isn't really an anniversary I would have called special. But, maybe she has it right. For all the bad memories and associations 9/11 has, it has made me realize it can be special. 

It's a special day to not only remember what tragedy befell our country; but to also remember why we hold our freedoms and our country so closely to our hearts.
Here are the special things I celebrated this 9/11 anniversary.
I live in a country that allows me to be a woman who mows her yard in shorts while she drinks a beer.  I didn't have to cover up from head to toe.  I don't have a "place" in the home that I am relegated to.  I have the freedom to mow my yard.  I know it seems small but I will take this small freedom any day.

This little girl has the right to go to school.  She can pick and choose what she wants to do with her life. 

This little girl has value.  In many countries, girls are not seen as blessings.  She gets to run around our yard without shoes and be herself (within reason).  The country we live in didn't make us stop having kids after our second child.  We weren't forced to get rid of her.  She can grow up and be president if that's what she and the country (God help us all) desire.

This boy won't have to enter into war unless he wants to.  We don't live in a country that grooms our young boys to be soldiers.  It's a choice.  It's a brave choice. It is still a choice he will get to make.

I had the freedom to choose who I wanted to spend my life with.  I wasn't told who I had to marry.  My parents didn't arrange a marriage for me. I had the freedom to go to a bar and meet this guy and fall in love.  He has the freedom not to smile for my pictures.

On this 9/11Anniversary, I am so very thankful for the people who have fought to give us the freedoms to celebrate special days like this.