Sunday, December 14, 2014

Josie ~ Frozen at 5

In four short days, Josie turns five. I am not ready. Five is when the baby leaves our kids. They become little people. I have asked her not to turn five. "Mommy, I have to. God made it that way."  Fine, I will begrudgingly go along with His plan. 

Today, we celebrated her birthday with a Frozen party and ice skating. Not going to lie, it's hard to do birthdays when Christmas is this close. Thankfully, my mom came up with a great idea. Ice skating. Genius. 

Six grown ups and eleven little people hit the ice. 

Some genius skater person came up with the idea of buckets for balance. 

Such a slick idea for a slick sport. 

Makenna didn't need the bucket for too long. 

She caught on pretty quickly. 

So did Degnan. He did have one major crash. As I type, he is soaking his aching back and booty in the tub. 

What about the birthday girl?  She may not have let go of the bucket to skate up a storm but she did have a great time. 

She even held her uncoordinated mother up. A skater, I will never be. 

Guess who is a skater.  Austin. Who woulda thought?  He didn't fall once. He was all over the place. 

The birthday girl even scored some pretty awesome swag. 

She also scored some pretty fun friends. 

In keeping with the Frozen theme, we had ice cream cake. 

I get that she has to turn five. But, I have four more days and I am going to suck all the four year old I can get out of it. 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Creepy Country Kid Play Set

One of these

Costs approximately as much as the row of these we unloaded at the house 

Fortunately for us, the creepy country kids are far more entertained with the row of hay bales than they are with the expensive play set. 

If any of my town readers decide to buy our version, please let me know when you are done with the bales. We have cattle and horses to feed. 

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Shayla & Chuck's Big Day

What event could possibly be worth the trouble of getting us all dressed up and out on a hot fall day?

The long awaited wedding of one of our favorite people, Shayla. Disclaimer:  We like Chuck. It's just that Shayla was here first and has done so much for our family. We love her. 

The girls were excited about being flower girls from the moment Shayla asked them. It was all they dreamed of and more. Not only did they get pretty dresses, they got their first mani/pedi. 

Degnan wouldn't admit it until right before the ceremony that he was pretty excited about being in the wedding. 

It's a brave bride and groom who have five kids, seven and under in their wedding party. 

This girl was on cloud nine ... all day and night. 

I think we forgot to tell them to smile when they went down the aisle. 

Serious business. 

I got a little time with this handsome kid before 

he hit the dance floor

with all the girls. 

Josie spent her evening stalking Shayla. 

She was completely enamored with "her best friend."

She was so into the day, that when it came time to leave, she let us know that was NOT okay. 

"I just want to dance with my best friend!!  I just want to dance!"  I empathized. I, too, love a good wedding dance and hate to see it end. 

Thirty seconds later, she admitted defeat. Even the flower girl must sleep. 

We wish a lifetime of happiness and love to Shayla and Chuck. Oh, and a lot of kids for us to love. Just like she loves ours'. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Their Voice

I am not going to lie. It's a little scary raising girls. It seems like there are so many wrong paths. And while I feel like we aren't headed down the most righteous of paths (I doubt we are raising any nuns), I don't feel we are headed down the worst of paths (no one is asking for a stripper pole from Santa).  One thing I do feel with 100% certainty is that Makenna and Josie do not lack a unique voice. 

Yes, I know we have one more girl. I didn't forget about her. I am just waiting to see what her voice looks like. 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Chaney - The Newest Creepy Country Kid

It's been three and a half months since we welcomed Chaney into the realm of creepy country kid. What have those months looked like for her?

Lots and lots of attention from the sisters. 

Like a lot of attention. More than she probably wanted.  

Her brother wasn't neglecting her either. Ignore the Josie photobomb. 

A battle between her and I on thumb sucking. 

Lots of facial expression exercise. 

More attention from Degnan and a pacifier win for me. 

Facial expression exercise continued. 

Trying out new fashion trends such as shorts and boots. 

Checking out the local bar and grill with her godfather. 

Riding her pony. 

Spending some time with Grandpa. 

Napping with Josie. 

Photo mugging with her look alike, Makenna. 

Resting on the feed sacks while everyone else runs cows through for preg checking. 

Crapping through almost every outfit she owns to test my packing skills. I failed this day. She wore my scarf to the pumpkin patch. 

Laughing at the ridiculous things she can get me to do so she will laugh. 

Making her comeback as Fat Elvis for Halloween. 

Shopping with Grammy. 

Trying to win the Thumb vs Pacifier battle. She isn't giving in. 

Showing her sister who is boss. 

I think it's safe to say, Chaney is going to make a great creepy country kid.