Monday, September 29, 2014

Role Model Apple Tree

It's an obvious that your mother and her mother are supposed to be positive role models in the lives of your children. Obvious right up to the point, your grandmother does this

Which leads to your mother encouraging your child to do this

Which leads to the horse making it necessary for your child to bring in the shop vac and do this

Which leads to you scrubbing horse apple stains out of your carpet. Those positive role models don't fall far from the apple tree. Horse apple tree that is. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Makenna came home from school and asked why 9/11 was special. That's a hard one to explain to a six year old and her seven year old brother and four year old sister. 

First of all, the use of "special" threw me off. "Special day" is usually a term for good events. 9/11 isn't really an anniversary I would have called special. But, maybe she has it right. For all the bad memories and associations 9/11 has, it has made me realize it can be special. 

It's a special day to not only remember what tragedy befell our country; but to also remember why we hold our freedoms and our country so closely to our hearts.
Here are the special things I celebrated this 9/11 anniversary.
I live in a country that allows me to be a woman who mows her yard in shorts while she drinks a beer.  I didn't have to cover up from head to toe.  I don't have a "place" in the home that I am relegated to.  I have the freedom to mow my yard.  I know it seems small but I will take this small freedom any day.

This little girl has the right to go to school.  She can pick and choose what she wants to do with her life. 

This little girl has value.  In many countries, girls are not seen as blessings.  She gets to run around our yard without shoes and be herself (within reason).  The country we live in didn't make us stop having kids after our second child.  We weren't forced to get rid of her.  She can grow up and be president if that's what she and the country (God help us all) desire.

This boy won't have to enter into war unless he wants to.  We don't live in a country that grooms our young boys to be soldiers.  It's a choice.  It's a brave choice. It is still a choice he will get to make.

I had the freedom to choose who I wanted to spend my life with.  I wasn't told who I had to marry.  My parents didn't arrange a marriage for me. I had the freedom to go to a bar and meet this guy and fall in love.  He has the freedom not to smile for my pictures.

On this 9/11Anniversary, I am so very thankful for the people who have fought to give us the freedoms to celebrate special days like this. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

First Belly Ring

Girls are far too anxious to grow up these days. Our girls are included. They want high heels. They want makeup. They aren't getting it. We are too old school to allow such things in young children. That being said, Josie has her first belly ring.

WHAT?!?!  She is only four. How could we?  Well, we didn't. She did it herself. Last night, long after bedtime, she came upstairs in a panic. It seems she forgot you aren't supposed to put things in your mouth. It seems in this lapse of memory, she swallowed a ring. Thus, her first belly ring. She's still processing the fact I told her she would have to poop it out.  Other than that, she's good as gold this morning. 

I am hoping this is her last belly ring, ever. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Off to the Ro-Dee-O

I need to do a lot of catching up on this blog.  It seems like the summer was just too busy and went too fast to keep up on blogging.

Our Thursday evenings have been spent rodeoing.  Austin and I have been looking forward to the day our kids could enter rodeos and this was the summer.  The kids loved it and so did the parents.


The girls were in both stick horse events and real horse events. 

Degnan got a new horse at the end of the summer.  He and Dice got along very nicely.  They placed in barrels and made a really nice run the last night.  We are still waiting on the results from their pole run.

He also started tying goats this year.  He has practiced and worked hard to get the steps down. 

It's a big job for a seven year old.

We had lots of support and cheering from family. 

A "good job" hug from Buddy.

Cousins and rodeo go together like country girls and dirt.

Joslynn even joined in the fun and made a very excited flag run.

Everyone loves the run "home".
 Josie started the summer out having to be led around the barrels.  This was fine with her.  It gave her time to wave to the crowd.

By the third rodeo, her crazy father suggested she ride his equally crazy roping horse.  When Austin and Casino pair up, Casino is READY to GO!!  He is the antithesis to calm.  When Austin suggested this, I told him that he was crazy.  Then, I thought I was crazy.  The fire breathing, prancing, ready to go rope horse turned into a dopey eyed, head down little girl's dream barrel horse. 

He finally agreed to trot on the way home.  She loves Casino and he must love her.  It's the only way to explain the transformation from competitive steer eater to carousel horse.

Oh, Makenna.  I can't decide if she is as brave as they come or if she is severely lacking in sense.  This girl likes to go and the faster the better.  We had to make a rule for her.  "You can go as fast as you want as long as you are in control and both feet are still in the stirrups."  She made that work for her but I have to admit, I did have to yell/scream at her the last night to pull up.  It was way too fast for this mom.  Yes, I am embarrassed of the scream.  No, I will not live it down.


 I had to share a picture of Buddy at the rodeo with all of her great grandkids.  Chaney hadn't made her appearance yet.

We are done with this year's rodeo season.  We are excited to go next year and see where we can improve.  As a parent, watching your kids and your horses together is one of the most nerve wracking things you can do.  It's also one of the best.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Fat Elvis Has Arrived!!

The Creepy Country Kids & their parents are excited to announce: Fat Elvis is here! 
Here SHE is, Chaney Jared.
There aren't many pictures of her with her eyes open.  She has chosen to spend her first week with us in a state of sleep.  I suspect she is trying to process all the attention she is getting. 
You can't find more excited siblings than these three.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Happy Birthday, America!

I have some serious catching up to do. Expect some rapid fire posts if all goes as planned. We have been busy and have a lot of fun. 

Let's start catching up at the birthday of good ol' America. 

We went to my hometown of Ashland for the morning. Ashland has an entire day of fun laid out. 


Turtle Race 

We started with the parade. It was a last minute decision to participate. We were kind of lame on our decor. Lucky for us, Jacee (my cousin's little girl) made up for it. 

Lame theme following aside, we always have a good time when we get to ride out horses and hang out with our family. 

At one point, we played musical horses. 

Buddy was parade strong. I think she was making sure her friend, Thunder, survived the parade 

Thunder did great for his first parade of what I am sure will be many. 

Thanks to some much needed rain, we ended the evening with fireworks at our house. We haven't been able to do that for five years due to the drought. We also got ran out of the yard by swarms of mosquitos. Small price to pay for some green grass.